Yemi Alade Laments on Self-Promotion

Just days after releasing her new single, Nigerian singer Yemi Alade laments the struggle of having a team and the importance of being self-sufficient in business.

From the long rant, it was obvious that the singer had a sour experience although she did not mention who the culprit is or giving details of what happened. However, it was obvious that the singer had grievances as she went on to say that regardless of what happens and how much you pay anyone, nobody will push your business as much you will.

Yemi Alade Laments on Self Promotion

In her words,

“Nobody will carry your work on their head the way you would…even if you pay them salary!”

“Pay me first and see how I would carry your work,” yin yin yin yin. One month later nuisance ti bere”

Yemi Alade Laments On Self-Promotion

Finally, the singer advised that self-promotion was the best way to go if you wanted to get results as quickly as possible.

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