World’s Most Talented Singer to Rot 30yrs in Prison

One of the world’s most talented singers will rot in prison for no less than thirty (30) years following a judgement from a court in the United States, US, finding him guilty of sex crimes.

The singer popularly known around the world as R. Kelly or Robert Kelly, the king of R&B, was convicted for sex trafficking and federal racketeering.

Some pictures circulating on social media showed how frustrated the musician had become, wearing the famous prison orange in court.

R.Kelly was accused of abusing his social status as a famous R&B musician to take advantage of teenagers as well as commit other crimes punishable by US law.

World’s Most Talented Singer

He was unlucky to get a reduced sentence, even after his defence attorney pleaded with the judge to consider dropping the years to ten as against the suggestions of the prosecutors.

The world’s most talented singer will turn eighty-five by the time he completes serving his jail time, and a lot would have changed then.

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