World’s Most Identical Twins In Weird Relationship

Anna and Lucy DeCinque who sees themselves as the world’s most identical twins has got people talking.

The identical twins have confirmed sharing a boyfriend which they want to be the father of their baby.

The Australian twins also wants to have their babies same day.

Although they have a lot of male admirers, the beautiful are in a relationship with a man identified as Ben Bryne.

It might seem weird to people but for the twins, it’s nothing spectacular or unseen for them to have a boyfriend.

World'S Most Identical Twins With Their Boyfriend
World’s most identical twins with their boyfriend

One of the sisters, Lucy had previously  explained why the relationship works so well for the trio.

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In her words, “We’re with each other 24/7, me and my sister; it’s just easier to share a boyfriend because we’re always together.”

It’s not really weird to us. We have one boyfriend and all three of us share the same bed.

The world’s most identical twins also stated that they shared the same interest and it is possible for them to be pregnant and deliver same time.

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