World Radio Day: Is The Radio Going Into Extinction?

World Radio Day is a medium to raise awareness about the radio and to make networking stronger among the broadcasters, All over the world, radio is one of the most popular channels of communication as it gives Broadcasters the power to inform, educate and entertain the audience, radio has its way of influencing public opinion.

For many decades, radio has played a critical role in ensuring that people get information that could shape their decision.

It has also served as a link between political office holders and the people as it gives them the chance to express their views as it concerns Governance.

World Radio Day

World Radio Day

No gainsaying the fact that radio has played vital roles in preserving and promoting cultural values, heritage and it has given people the chance to showcase their cultural heritage to the world.

In commemoration of the 2020 World radio day, is beaming its light on whether the radio is going into extinction as a channel of communication and how far it has been able to influence the unity of Nigeria as a nation.

in a chat with, some residents of Abuja described the radio as a medium of getting to keep tap on the happenings in the society and around the world, noting that it has helped them in making some important decisions.

Speaking with correspondent, Fatai Mohammed a businessman says ” Radio has really helped me in getting the necessary information in deciding how to relate better with my customers and earn their trust as it also boost my patronage”.

World Radio Day

On whether the radio is going into extinction with the advent of the new media, Fatai said ” We cant really say that the radio is going into extinction becuase many people still rely on it for timely information, especially people that does not have access to social media platforms.

Another respondent, Mariam told ” I get timely information through the diffetent social media platforms so I dont really rely on radio to get informed about the happenings in my immediate environment or around the world.

World Radio Day 2020 centred around Radio and Diversity” as it focuses on diversity and plurilingualism.

The day is observed on 13 February to remember the unique power of Radio, which brings people together and provides vital information.

It is necessary to promote diversity and to build a more peaceful and inclusive world. In several countries, radio is the primary medium and source of information.

The Executive Board of UNESCO recommended to the General Conference the proclamation of World Radio Day.

The primary purpose of celebrating World Radio Day is to spread awareness among the public and the media to raise the importance of radio.

It also encourages decision-makers to establish and provide access to information through radio, enhance networking, and generate a sort of international cooperation among the broadcasters.

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