Williams Uchemba and Wife Stun Fans With Special Skill

Instagram comedian and filmmaker Williams Uchemba and wife have left their fan enthralled after showcasing a skill that they have in common.

Williams’ wife, Brunella, made a video of herself and her husband while they were in their bedroom. As the video suggests, Williams was working away on his laptop when his wife made the video. It was not the adorable moment between the couple that surprised the fans rather it was the fact that both husband and wife held a full conversation in Italian.

Williams Uchemba and Wife Stun Fans with Italian

The actor then siezed the opportunity to engage his fans by asking “Who can translate our conversation?? #FunFactYouDidntKnowAboutMe ”

Williams Uchemba And Wife Stun Fans With Special Skill 1
Williams Uchemba and Wife Stun Fans with Italian

Surprisingly a good number of fans knew the language including BBNaija’s Khafi who gave a word for words translation of the conversation.

According to Khafi’s translation, the couple were discussing how well they slept and what they had for breakfast. Brunella also ended the conversation urging people to see her husband’s movie in the cinemas.


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