Why Rosie And Presh Talker Suddenly Reconciled

Rosie and Presh Talker had a conversation about what happened between them and David Wilson.

19 February 2020
After the whole debacle involving David Wilson, Rosie, and Presh Talker, the ladies have decided to sit down and have a chat about what happened. Though Rosie told Aunty, she’s over David Wilson. She needed closure as she had mentioned the whole situation left her with many unanswered questions.

‘What hurts the most is, even when I asked him about you, he wasn’t honest,’ said Rosie. According to Rosie, David Wilson was angry at the fact that she entertained Kachi, and out of the blue, he asked for her hand in marriage, which she politely declined.

David Lied To Rosie And Presh Talker

 Rosie And Presh Talker

He lied to me too

Presh Talker, just like Rosie, wasn’t given the whole story by David Wilson and feels sorry for the situation he put himself in because it’s not a situation one quickly gets out of. Even though she told Aunty earlier that she’s still angry at him, part of her feels sorry for him, but that just across he must bear on his own.

Both ladies seem to be at peace with the situation, and there’s no bad blood between them. If anything, Rosie is glad she got out of the relationship. “The blessing in it is that I dodged the bullet, and I know it wasn’t meant to be,” Rosie concluded.

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