Why Rita Dominic’s Movie “La Femme Anjola ” Was Yanked at Cinemas

Why “La Femme Anjola” a movie that featured Rita Dominic and Nonso Bassey was yanked from some Nigerian cinemas is one of the major questions being asked in Nollywood today.

La Femme Anjola is one of the most anticipated movies in 2021, especially after suffering a huge setback due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Finally, the movie was released to be viewed at the cinemas on March 19, 2021, only to be taken off some cinemas across the country.

Director of the movie, Mildred Okwo, made the revelation after a social media user asked why the movie has not been available for watching in some cinemas just after two weeks of release.

La Femme Anjola Yanked
La Femme Anjola Yanked

Then the Director opened the can of worms, stating that Filmhouse Cinema took the movie off the screens to create space for one of the company’s movies coming out soon.

She stated that “The Prophetess” a movie by Niyi Akinlolayan was why La Femme Anjola was taken off and only allowed to be seen at few cinemas across Nigeria.

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