‘Why Citizens are Spending 100% Salary on Food’

Giving reasons why Nigerian Citizens are spending one hundred percent (100%) of their earnings on stocking food is the former Governor of Anambra State, PeterObi.

Obi who is a presidential aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, stated that Nigeria is in a crisis and that the Nigerian government needs to focus on creating wealth.

Already, he pointed out that Citizens now spend 100 percent of their salary to feed themselves and while communicating at the National Working Committee, NWC of the Peoples Democratic Party on his 2023 presidential ambition in Abuja.

Peter Obi Unhappy with Nigeria’s Security Situation on Citizens

The Presidential hopeful also revealed his displeasure with the rising rate of insecurity and poverty in Nigeria, citing that the Buhari administration has been too focused on wealth sharing through its various welfare schemes.

Obi warned that Nigerians now spend 100% of their earnings to feed themselves, urging that Nigerians need to go back to an era of increased productivity first, before sharing the wealth.

He reiterated that people now spend one hundred percent of their pay to feed themselves. It is a crisis. What will somebody like me do?” He later provided some solutions that would fix the economic and security challenges.

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