Why BBNaija Prince Used Hot Pressing Iron on His Sister’s Head

BBNaija lockdown ex-housemate, Prince Enwerem, was recently spotted making his sister’s hair with a hot pressing iron in a video posted on his Instagram page, and many has wondered why.

In a shot funny video, Prince was seen straightening his sister’s hair with a hair straightener but changed it to a pressing iron.

However, in a funny reaction, the sister complained as they were both catching fun. Prince’s fans have not stopped commenting as some also asked why “a weapon would be used as a styling tool.”

Bbnaija Prince And His Sister
BBNaija Prince and His Sister

As to why and how a weave on could be used styled with a pressing iron, Nigerians have opened up to the fact that it is not strange or even bad.

Many claimed that it is preferable to style original human hair with a pressing iron if you do not have a hair straightener.

These claims revealed that though BBNaija Prince was seen having fun with his sister in the trending video, he showed how Nigerians have been able to innovate he used a pressing hair as a styling tool.

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