When will you stop making money?

One of the creed we live by anywhere in the world is “chasing the papers.” Every human has to chase money, which is as old as the existence of man. From time immemorial, money has been one of the reasons we live as human. In fact, it is one of the reason for our existence because we need it to meet our human needs – food, education, health, security, etc. Many work 24/7 all because of the ‘paper’; they hustle hard to make their lives attractive and when they finally make their ‘grass to grace’ story, it never looks complete. One of the big questions to ask every being then is ‘when to stop making money.’

The good life

All sane beings at a certain point in their lives make money-making a desire. People make money for different purposes. For some, it’s to continue the legacy laid by their wealthy parents. Some make money to say goodbye to poverty which is their number one enemy. To some, it’s to eat to survive while for many is to acquire every good thing of this life. Whatever is the reason for making money, it seems there’s no finishing line in the race for the paper.

Money is just so important that God gave every man gift(s), in the form of talent, which we are expected to live our lives with. Many turn this talent into a solution which many queue to pay for in terms of money. Many has since found several ways of making this money either legally or illegally. Man just have to pay its numerous bills, even when it is being paid, we never stop. The figure to reach and then stop is unknown even when the dream to have the private jets, yachts, beautiful homes, fast cars, vacations and so on have been met.

While many have made a lot of this money and left the level of being rich to being wealthy, they still find it hard to go to sleep despite making money that many generations unborn can’t finish spending. Nigerian popular afro-beat singer Burna Boy said in a hit song ‘Dangote still dey find money.’ If Africa’s richest man as well as other men on the Forbes list can’t stop making money, when then is the ideal time to hang our ‘currency boot’? I guess people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gate, Carlos Slim Helu and co. need to answer this big question.

In our quest for making more money, we’ve devised several ways of keeping some. Many have stock of bills saved in banks. Those working for a stipulated time also have a way of saving for the aftermath of their service in the name of ‘retirement savings‘ and investments. Yet, no one is really retiring as they have to get their hands on one or two things to fetch them money when they’ve bowed out of service. It therefore looks as if money and its hustle work hand-in-hand with the human cycle except halted by unwanted circumstances such as death.

The big question was thrown at several people and few could really answer. They were asked how much they would make to stop making money and also savings. Here are their comments below:

For me, I feel like money making is like learning, of course you don’t stop learning so do I want to keep making money. That’s why everyone should have investment to always fall back to even when you are at that age where you can’t work really hard again but have your investments running which is still money making.
Don’t also forget that the more money you make, the more you want to make so no amount actually for me can make me stop making money. If I don’t need it, people benefitting from me will need it so invariably, I won’t stop because others need to eat too so the money must be made.


There’s actually no limit to making money as the financial need of man is insatiable.

Prince Adegboyega.

There’s no amount I feel is enough. Making money enlarges your capacity. I believe it’s a chain that doesn’t stop. When you keep making money, it keeps growing and there’s no limit.


I can’t state in figures because man’s need for the digits in insatiable. A reasonable amount to keep the smile rolling on my face, that of my family and those around me. The money I need, I can’t count.

Alunsi Ndu.

I would probably need a trillion dollars. If I get to that amount, maybe I would stop. That’s show is limitless.

Victor Adenule.

Why do we want more money?

Everybody’s life journey is different and we are in different seasons at different periods of our lives. What we all need differ but here are some basic motivations for getting more money.

For survival: this is the basic requirement we all have for money. Money is needed to buy foods, drinks, go to school, cloth ourselves, pay for healthcare delivery, and so on. These are basic needs of man that needs money to fix so as to survive. Money is needed constantly to keep up with this basic requirements of life. As we grow in our families, we need money to keep everybody together. That’s why when we are completely stuck in survival, we find ways to survive by getting more and constantly in the race of no finishing line. Human needs is definitely insatiable; we can’t just stop.

For growth: another motivation for making money is to grow. One of the characteristics of a living thing is growth. We just have to grow in all areas of our lives. The Holy Bible even says “be fruitful and multiply”; this is to say we have to increase at all sides, not leaving out our finances. We naturally strive to achieve and that’s why we should not simply get stuck in the enjoy/survival motivation. This is why the people perceived to be so wealthy are still striving. It is important for all of us to identify what growth looks like for ourselves. Growing financially is an option for us to keep working.

To give: many keep making more money because they have to give either for services rendered to them or for charity. People like Dangote, discussed earlier on, have tens of thousands of workers that needs to survive through them. Givers are said to never lack but have more even if they don’t really want more. When you give you recognize you have, and you then deal with money very differently. You will definitely be on your toes to get more, even if you have a figure in mind.

Money, they say make the world go round. In fact, what is man’s existence without money? We just have to keep making the money, paying the bills, saving and investing to make the world go round.

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