What Would a Johnny Drille and Jon Bellion Song Sound Like?

If you are a fan either one of these artists or just one of them, you might have noticed the online friendship between them.

Jon Bellion and Johnny Drille became known and popular among most Nigerians about the same time in 2016. And since then Johnny Drille has made covers of Jon Bellion’s songs, the most popular being “All Time Low”.

A few months back, Drille tweeted, asking Bellion to plan a concert in Nigeria considering how much love he receives from here. To which the American vocalist replied: “Only if you’ll open for me when I get there”. Fans of both artists went wild with excitement even though nothing definitive regarding the potential concert has been said.

What Would A Johnny Drille And Jon Bellion Song Sound Like? 2

However, last week, Drille made a tweet post of a picture of him and Bellion whom he met with backstage after a concert.

Fans are glad about the meet-cute. But there is a rising expectation for a collaboration between the two artists. Let’s face it, the expectation isn’t out of place. I mean, it wouldn’t take so much to gift fans a gem soon, would it?

Johnny sings beautifully as does Jon. A collaboration between the two would definitely be something worth hype. But in sound, what will a Johnny Drille and Jon Bellion song sound like? As similar as their styles sound, they are really different and I am really curious to see(hear?) what it’ll sound like.

Fingers crossed. ??

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