What Muslim-Muslim Ticket Could Mean for Nigerians

The Muslim-Muslim Ticket conversation that has been ongoing since the conclusion of party primaries in the country brings a lot of possibilities to mind, and one of those outcomes has more to do with the future of Nigerians.

Highlighting these points of view from the angle of the politicians is one aspect, but from the masses, perspective is another ball game entirely. Thus far, the opinion harvested is mostly pure dissatisfaction with the possibility of fronting a Muslim-Muslim Ticket, as this choice may not sit well with a larger population of Nigerians, particularly the Christians.

To quickly address this controversy, the likes of Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, an ex-Minority leader, posited that if the race in the Presidential Election come 2023, is dominated by the ruling party presenting an all-Islamic candidacy option to foresee the affairs of a country like Nigeria, then the outcome for such a party would be an ‘abysmal failure’.

He also asked a pertinent question for Nigerians to ponder, saying, “Which Christian will trust a Muslim-Muslim ticket? And which Muslim will vote for a Christian-Christian ticket?’’

What Muslim-Muslim Ticket Could Mean For Nigerians
What Muslim-Muslim Ticket Could Mean for Nigerians

Similarly, the Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong, also keyed into the controversial topic and noted that the practice of politics that isn’t about inclusion is not politics at all, adding that he strongly believes in such a notion since his political career started.

He stressed that the act of going against a known tradition where the country would rather opt for a Christian-Muslim or a Muslim-Christian Ticket would not stand as a good choice.

Having a Muslim-Muslim Ticket, according to the Plateau State Governor, is a clear sign of exclusion, and hinted that he has zero intention to be the running mate to the All Progressives Congress, APC Presidential flag bearer due to the religious undertone of the party.

NEF Reacts to Muslim-Muslim Ticket

What Muslim-Muslim Ticket Could Mean For Nigerians
What Muslim-Muslim Ticket Could Mean for Nigerians

Meanwhile, the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, has also contributed their voice to the matter, seeing that the debate has a lot to do with the region and the religious practice.

Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, the NEF Spokesperson, took his point from the perceived views of Nigerians, saying that the people no longer care about the religious background of their aspiring political leaders.

Another angle Ahmed addressed the issue from is that religion in the whole equation is deployed by. many politicians as a tool utilised to create a divide, stressing that such a narrative shouldn’t be the case in actuality.

In the meantime, words have gone beyond speculations that APC has already settled for the all-Muslim option knowing the party reluctantly submitted Alhaji Kabir Ibrahim Masari’s name, a Kinsman to President Muhammadu Buhari, before the deadline set by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, is exceeded.

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