What it means to be sexy

At some point, you have wondered if someone finds you attractive and if they think of you as gorgeous and sexy.

The thought or knowledge that someone finds you sexy is one that unquestionably makes one kinda giddy.

Being sexy is a form of attraction that is largely based on how you appeal to someone in a sensual manner. Being considered sexy is to be considered sexually interesting or exciting… to radiate sexuality.

And this, really, is not such a bad thing. Forget your traditional, cultural beliefs and ingrained principles of chastity.

Sexual attraction is a requisite component of any romantic relationship. It’s basically friendship if the sexual attraction is absent.

The problem with the image of sexiness, however, is that it has been reduced to just exposed skin, super-tight skimpy dresses, overdone cleavages, and super long legs.

These are sexy, too, no doubt, but the whole concept is not limited to just this salacious, lewd portrayal.

Being sexy, oozing sex appeal is way more than that and vlogger Uwanma Odefa takes her time to pick apart the subject and explain the trappings of sexuality and what the idea really is about, as opposed to what it is now thought to be, and I’m quoting her because what she said resonates with me.

“Despite what the global fashion industry would have us believe, it’s not about how you dress and skimpy clothes don’t equate to sexiness,” she says.

To depart from the exaggerated, warped idea that everyone seems to have internalized the subject, one needs to first learn to do stuff that makes her feel sexy.“Sexiness is a feeling,” Uwanma says. “It’s not even a look.”

And that is achieved easily with self-confidence.

People who know what they want and approach those things purposefully and with an air of assurance – not arrogance – are ever appealing.

Some of them “don’t even dress all that interesting and aren’t that good looking. What they say does not necessarily have to be new or grand… it’s just something about the way they say it that will blow you away,” Uwanma says.

Improper, lackadaisical grooming is never sexy. Hence, good personal hygiene, especially when a sweet fragrance comes from you all the time, is sexy AF.

There’s a reason why perfume makers thrive worldwide.

And it’s also shocking how much premium people place on perky boobs, bouncy butts and ripped abs to the detriment of intelligence.

“People want something beyond your looks to be proud of, to show off. Anybody can look good as an eye candy… plastic surgery has made sure of that,” the vlogger says.

But not everyone is intelligent despite intelligence being such a turn on for many men and women alike.

Just as you can become sexy when you tone those arms, flex those triceps and squat till your ass becomes firm and round, you can become sexy too when reading books, watch documentaries and broaden your horizon.

The combination of both is what really makes you sexy, not just one.

What does sexiness mean to you?

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