Wearing Nose Masks for Too Long is Unhealthy

Now that the lockdown order in certain cities is being relaxed and people are always mandated to put on their nose masks let it be known that wearing nose masks for too long is unhealthy. 

Prolonged usage of the nose masks without taking it out for some time may cause dizziness, fatigue and some other complications.

Do not take this the wrong way, wearing face masks is a step towards preventing the transmission of respiratory infections.

Although people are advised to stop using surgical and N95 masks as they create a scarcity of those for medical practitioners, using other kinds of nose masks is encouraged.

Factually, the need to not touch your face as propagated as one best way to prevent contracting coronavirus is almost impossible. 

In reality, every human touches their face once every 3 minutes. However, the use of nose masks can increase the awareness “do not touch your face”.

Using the nose mask for the first time is truly discomforting. But to protect ourselves in this season, the habit of using nose masks should be encouraged.

Wearing Nose Masks for Too Long is Unhealthy: Side Effects

That notwithstanding, the use of the nose mask for too long can also prove to be unhealthy. Now, this is how it happens: breathing in exhaled air repeatedly means one might be taking in carbon dioxide.

If this is done for too long, one might begin to feel dizzy. This feeling might be more intense if one is involved in physical activities that require moving around.

Moreso, taking in carbon dioxide may lead to reduced intake of oxygen instead, which possibly causes fatigue, loss of reflexes and excessive glucose breakdown.

So, now that we are clear that using nose masks for too long may have some terrible side effects, here are ways it can be managed.
  1. You do not need a nose mask if driving in an enclosed car alone. This reduces the amount of stake air inhaled.
  2. Lift the nose mask every 10 minutes if you can without touching the surface.
  3. Do not use the mask if you are alone in a room or really far away from other people.
  4. Ensure to use the mask only when in public, interacting with people in close distance and avoid touching your face at all cost.

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Wearing Nose Masks for Too Long is Unhealthy 

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