Wathoni Caves In, Begs Dorathy Over Insensitive Tweet

Just hours after the first real episode of the BBNaija reunion and it seems the drama this season is going to be hotter than pepper as the fans say. this statement rings true as Wathoni caves in and begs Dorathy over insensitive tweet she made.

Last night it was obvious that Dorathy and Wathoni had an unsettled score to settle after Wathoni butt in uninvited to the issues between Dorathy, Ozo and Nengi. Wathoni shared her sentiments, saying that she strongly believed Dorathy was pained that Ozo chose Nengi over her while in the Lockdown house.

Obviously agitated by this assumption, Dorathy shut Wathoni up, asking her to mind her business but the tension between them for the rest of the show was heavy.

Wathoni Caves In, Begs Dorathy Over Insensitive Tweet

Moments after their altercation, Wathoni sent out a tweet that came off as though she was body-shaming Dorathy. The tweet read,

‘The balloons were found shaking’

As expected, the fans swooped in to defend Dorathy from the presumed attack. They dragged Wathoni to the ends of the earth for her statement. Wathoni responded in shock saying that she had no intention of shaming anyone but her tweet was taken out of context. She also apologized for how her tweet could have been misinterpreted. See her responses below;

Dorathy has not said anything regarding the issues but one thing we know for sure is that the Explorers are always ready to defend their queen.

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