WAEC: 10 Supervisors in Police Nets for Allowing Malpractice

The West African Examination Council, WAEC, has carried out drastic measures to ensure malpractice by students is brought under control, seeing it has already escalated.

Making the moves is Mr Patrick Areghan, the Head of Nigeria National Office of West African Examination Council, WAEC, when he resolved to lock up ten supervisors over an alleged involvement and promotion of examination malpractices in the ongoing Senior Secondary Certificate Examination.

The ten supervisors were all arrested in four states across the nation, that is in Lagos, Kano, Bayelsa and Kaduna States, respectively.

Areghan made the announcement while he visited 4 examination centres located here in Abuja, and warned the others that they are going to suffer similar fates if they indulge in the same crime that got their colleagues apprehended.

According to the him, he pointed out that the major challenge they face is from some of the supervisors that are unreliable and cause problems for both the school authorities and the future of the students at large.

WAEC Supervisors

What is hard to understand in the whole equations, is the aspect that the supervisors were nominated by the various states ministry of education and employed to carry out their duties properly.

He said, “We don’t have the power to nominate any supervisors on our own we only made use of credible teachers supplied to us by the ministry.

“But for a mere pot of porridge, they sell their conscience and allow candidates to come into the examination hall with phones to snap question papers and post them on designated platforms,” he noted.

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