Vision 2050: Kingsley Moghalu Advises FG

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  • Moghalu said Nigeria can voluntarily control its population through massive awareness.

A former Presidential Candidate, Kingsley Moghalu has opined that there is the need to first understand why Vision 2010 and Vision 2020 failed to actualize Nigeria’s new Vision 2050.

Speaking on why the visions failed, Moghalu noted that a national vision is a joke if it is conceived and executed as if it is separate from the broader governance of a country in every aspect.

He added that the art and science of strategy must guide the development and execution of the plan to make sure Vision 2050 has a better chance of success.

However, Moghalu stressed the need for constitutional restructuring that allows various parts of the country at regional, state, or local levels to develop and create wealth locally which in turn becomes Nigeria’s national wealth.

Vision 2050

Vision 2050: Kingsley Moghalu Advises Fg
Kingsley Moghalu Advises Federal Government on how to actualize vision 2050.

According to him, the next thing to do after the constitutional restructuring is strategy execution, which according to Moghalu calls for discipline, eliminating short-termism, creating buy-in among others.

He said the government can’t take 100 million out of poverty without the preparation to control Nigeria’s population which he described as outpacing economic growth.

Moghalu stated that the first thing China did to move 750 million people out of extreme poverty was first to make a philosophical choice towards market capitalism and control of its population.

He added that Nigeria can voluntarily control its population through massive awareness and the creation of incentives for families that control their numbers.

Kingsley Moghalu
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