Videos: “COVID-19 Cases in Nigeria are Scam”, Nigerians Say

With the extension of the lockdown order by the Federal Government, a lot of Nigerians have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction. According to some people, the coronavirus cases in Nigeria released by the NCDC on a daily is false and overstated. They are convinced there are coronavirus infected persons in Nigeria but not as much as the government is claiming. Many are convinced that the coronavirus scam is used for looting by many government officials.

Videos: “COVID-19 Cases in Nigeria are Scam”, Nigerians Say

Although these thoughts and utterances are laced with sentiments, there is no doubt that Nigerians are grossly dissatisfied with the way the government is handling the coronavirus pandemic. So many people have shared images, and videos of what they claim are from isolation centres.

Videos: “COVID-19 Cases in Nigeria are Scam”, Nigerians Say

These pictures and videos show people who are not sick singing, dancing and enjoying sumptuous meals. Some of those videos have people who claim to be in isolation centres asking to be released as they are not sick. Many of them also claim they did not see the result to the coronavirus test they took.

See some of them:

Also, the Chairman of Daar Communications released a statement retracting what he said about coronavirus being treated with malaria drugs at the isolation centres. He was a patient at Gwagwalada General Hospital in Abuja, and he is now questioning the authenticity of the results and if coronavirus is actually in Nigeria.

Videos: “COVID-19 Cases in Nigeria are Scam”, Nigerians Say

See statement here.

There are also reports of NCDC rejecting material donations and asking that they are converted into cash.

With all of the news flying around, many Nigerians have now asked the government to end the lockdown completely. This is because the pandemic is being politicised, NCDC is not being honest with the figures and still, businesses are collapsing and many people losing their employment and means of livelihood.

This video shows women who claim to have been abandoned in an isolation centre for long without any proper information to the progress of the treatment. As they are not sick, they are asking to be allowed to go home to their families.

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