Video Vixen, Bolanle’s Ex-Husband, Lincoln Leaks More Secrets

Just days after their hot clash, Bolanle’s ex-husband, Lincoln, leaks more secrets about their rocky marriage and the details are shocking.

Over the festive holiday, the couple fell out publicly after the Pepper Dem video vixen; Bolanle’s estranged husband, Lincoln, posted updates of their crash, saying that he was done with Bolanle, who he claimed to marry for clout.

Bolanle’s Ex-Husband, Lincoln Exposes Her

In a recent interview, however, it seems that things have taken a new turn as Lincoln accused his estranged wife of physical abuse. Talking to Pepperroom, he said that he started beating his wife in retaliation as she was the one who abused him physically. in his exact words,

“Bolanle used to beat me, I did not used to touch her before. There was a time in Accra, she go and carry knife and everything. I sent it to her junior sister. that is how she used to do. I have a video where she broke my eyebrow one time like that. I didn’t use to touch her before, there was a time she will be fighting me like a man. I have never seen such before in my life”

Video Vixen, Bolanle'S Ex-Husband, Lincoln Leaks More Secrets 1
Bolanle’s Ex-Husband, Lincoln Leaks More Secrets

Despite the many statements from her estranged husband, Bolanle has said nothing pertaining to the ongoing situation

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