Vee Shares How She Got Her Accent

After months of being asked and doubted, former BBNaija housemate and singer Vee shares how she developed her accent, and it is not how we all guessed.

The singer and songwriter, although Nigerian, was raised in the United Kingdom, so it is natural that she would not have a typical Nigerian accent. However, some viewers were able to poke holes in the authenticity of her accent.

Vee Shares How She Got Her Accent

Tired of hiding the truth for so long, Vee was finally forced to reveal how she really got her accent, and the answer is not what anyone would have guessed. Taking to her Twitter to lament on how she has been hounded and doubted for months because of her accent, Vee wrote;

“Months later and people are still doubting my accent. Okay, I bought it at Balogun Market”

Vee Shares How She Got Her Accent 1

Known to be one with a sharp tongue and sarcastic words, this response comes as no surprise to most, judging from how opinionated she was in the house and even after the BBNaija show.

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