US, UK Governments Congratulate Nigeria Over 60th Anniversary

The United States of America has lauded the importance of the democratic values and entrepreneurial spirit between the US and Nigerian government on the occasion of Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary.

While congratulating the Nigerian government for its commitment towards tackling corruption and strengthening democratic institutions, the US government in a statement issued by its Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo stated that the partnership between both nations is helping Nigeria combat the threat posed by COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the US has also promised to continue to support the Nigerian people to expand regional peace and security and counter violent extremists. Pompeo said he the U.S looks forward to continuing to work with a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria and to making progress in support of the countries’ shared values in the coming year.

Also, the United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson in a statement on the verified Twitter handle of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Nigeria has congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerians on the occasion of the country’s 60th independence.

Us, Uk Governments Congratulate Nigeria Over 60Th Anniversary 1
A copy of the Congratulatory statement issued by the UK Government on the occasion of Nigeria’s 60th Independence anniversary.

According to the Prime Minister, the UK and Nigeria have enjoyed a long-standing relationship and are both members of the Commonwealth.

He, however, urged Nigerians to use the opportunity presented by this anniversary to celebrate the extraordinary spirit of the Nigerian people which he said he enjoyed during his visit to Nigeria in 2017.

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