US Billionaire Fulfils Dream To Die Broke

US Billionaire, Charles Chuck Feeney has fulfilled his lifelong dream to die poor. The co-founder of airport retail giant, Duty Free Shoppers has given away all of his massive wealth and now is broke, but insists he couldn’t be happier.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Feeney, 89, raked in billions with the creation of Duty Free Shoppers with Robert Miller but wanted to die without any money.

The philanthropist became famous after he promised to give all his money away to charity. The dream has now being fulfilled this year in September after donating more than $8 billion to charities, universities, and foundations through his organization, Atlantic Philanthropies.

Feeney gave $3.7 billion to education, including nearly $1 billion to his alma mater, Cornell and more than $870 million to human rights. He gave out $62 million in grants to abolish the death penalty in the US and $76 million for grassroots campaigns supporting the passage of Obamacare, according to Forbes.

The billionaire who says he is happier than ever however kept $2 million for himself.

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