Update: Baby with 4 Legs/Arms Seen as ‘god’ in India

An update on the baby born with four legs and four arms early this month, has been described as a reincarnation of god, in the Shahabad Community Health Center in Uttar Pradesh, Northern India.

However, the child was also called a “miracle of nature” with several photographs taken to show the world what the unique offspring looks like.

Many thought that the child’s parents would immediately seek surgery to take off the extra legs and arms so the child could walk like other regular kids on the block.

To date, there’s no message from the parents that they have operated on their child, as the updated photo released in the recent past is still the one trending.

Pic of Baby in Sweatshirt

Update- Baby With 4 Legs:arms Seen As 'God' In India

The picture you’d see portrays how the child is posed with the extra legs and arms well-attached to the stomach region, as it was undergoing some medical checkup to ensure healthiness.

According to the source, the kid weighed 6.5lbs and was born, attracting numerous people around the area of birth to see the beautiful attachments of the child

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