Unplug Episode 8

Welcome to Unplug by Everyeveryng. If you are just joining us for the first time, thank you for coming, there’s a backlog of interesting videos for you to watch and if you are a returning viewer, you are a real one. My name is Judith and as usual, we’d walk through the happenings of the week and share what Nigerians think of certain topics.

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As is the norm with this program, we ask you questions to know what Nigerians think about certain topics and today I want to know what you think. Be a part of Unplug next week by sending us a 30-second video answering this question, What is a lie/myth that you believed as a child??

Nigeria is a very dramatic country and you’ll find out why I said that. Just last week we were talking about Adeherself and Mompha get together. I said the time of that meeting was a bit off since they were both under scrutiny and this week Mompha was arrested while trying to collect his belongings from EFCC. It’s either I’m a prophetess or one of you works for EFCC.

Since Tboss has refused to tell us the father of her child, we have taken it upon ourselves to find the child’s father. Pictures of the baby came out and people speculated that Churchill was the father because of the resemblance. Churchill has confirmed that the baby is not his child. Please you people should not give him another child, he already has one to take care of.

Veteran actor and Senior citizen, Kanayo O Kanayo has said that kneeling to propose is not African. He said that it is not in line with our culture and this is not the first time this has been said. Some time ago, his colleague, Pete Edochie said only a fool will kneel to propose to who he wants to marry.

Well, to each his own Mr P has dashed our hopes of a P Square reunion by saying that there is no possibility of getting back together with his brother. He said this after a video of him asking his brother for forgiveness surfaced and it was rumoured that the dynamic duo was getting back together. In his tweet, he said #MrPForever.

The much anticipated ‘Twice As Tall’ album is out and the songs are all jams. Nigerians are hoping that this brings us a grammy award. Remember that last year Burna boy was nominated for a grammy award but didn’t win, that is still a win for Nigeria though and we hope he wins one soon.

Simi is in the news again and this time she went on a rant about the Nigerian educational system. She said the youth would spend years in school studying a course that was not for them and then would start from scratch to learn new things for their chosen career path. She ended by asking where we went wrong and who did this to us?? We are asking too oh.

Still, on education, Kiki Mordi got an Emmy nomination for her Sex For Grade’s documentary. Last year the journalist investigated lecturers asking students for sex in return for grades in Nigeria and Ghana. We are so happy for her.

Nigeria threatens to drag Ghana to ECOWAS. There were reports of Nigerian traders being attacked in Ghana and the two governments have spoken about it and Nigeria says if nothing is done about it urgently, they’ll take Ghana to ECOWAS and you know when the matter gets to ECOWAS, it is serious.

Finally, Kanye West I’m sure you know Kanye West- or if it is Ye you call him- has said that he wants to collaborate with TikTok to create a Christian version of the app called Jesus Tok. He said that he got this vision while using the app with his 7-year-old daughter.

Now to the question of the week. I asked the worst souvenir you have received at a Nigerian party and we got some funny, hilarious comments. Someone said toothpick, ahh… Okay. Another comment said Toothbrush and are you sure you didn’t talk to anybody at the party that felt you would need a Toothbrush. Lol! And this person said sewing kit, this isn’t so bad you know. Prince said he got a basket but he didn’t say if it was a raffia basket or a plastic basket. Both can be useful in certain situations. You know there are some gifts that you don’t take home. You just say ‘thank you’ and when you are going, it stays back.

Thank you so much for joining us today and don’t forget to head over to our Youtube channel where it is popping. On Instagram and Twitter, we are @everyevery_ng and on Facebook we are @everyeveryng. Don’t forget that you can be a part of the next episode just send us a 30-second video answering the question. “what was a lie/myth that your elders, mom, dad told you that is false” Till next time my name is Judith. Bye!

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