Unplug Episode 4

Welcome to another episode of Unplug by Everyeveryng. I’m so happy to be here, gisting with again. My name is Judith and I am your host. You know how we do, We’ll talk about the week in review and we go to our trivia segment. I actually have a mind-boggling question today so watch this video to the end so that you can get it.

Before we get into all that, if you haven’t followed us on social media, you should because we have amazing content. Let’s get into it To start off, we are 5 days into BBNaija Season 5 aka Lockdown. Remember the last time we spoke it hadn’t started yet. 20 housemates are contesting for 85 million nairas. I can’t wait to see how that goes.

We give daily updates on our website www.everyevery.ng. In the days of Dino Melaye, we had neck braces, Tree climbing, severe pains, and we thought that regime was over but on Monday it was fainting galore at the house of Representatives. The Acting Managing director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, Professor Pondei was being probed for financial misappropriation in the agency.

He was questioned for about an hour and when he couldn’t provide tangible answers, he fainted. He fainted with his eyes open. When its spending time, everyone is alive and bubbling but as soon as accountability gets into the picture, everyone will start fainting and breaking necks. Please wake up and answer for the money oh.

Former Governor Akpabio is also in the fix with him so my advice to Akpabio is to faint. I have a new trick for you, if you ever feel uncomfortable by any situation or question, just faint. It works. Hushpuppi is in the news again. We know he was arrested and kept in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. So last week, there were rumors that he was released from prison. He isn’t going anywhere dears. His lawyer just confirmed that he hasn’t been released, he was just transfered from Illinois to Carlifonia.

So for the people rejoicing, your fave is still in custody and if he is found guilty he could face 20 years in jail. Regina Daniels also shared her new wrist tattoo of her son’s name, Munir. On this same Thursday, Abubakar Atiku who contested and lost the last Presidential election has come to advise Ondo state PDP governorship candidate on how to win an election.

Have you seen when a blind man is leading other blind men? Update on our Late combat pilot Tolulope Arotile. We said our last goodbyes today as she was laid to rest at the Military Cemetery in Abuja on Thursday. Her state governor Yahaya Bello was also there to pay his last respects. We have her family in our prayers. Talking of drawing, nobody has my name on their wrist so I’m not writing anybody on mine.

Time for the trivia. Last week, I asked a question. ” If you could tattoo someone’s face on your body who would it be and where would you get it? People had some interesting answers. Here’s what we got” Agnes said she’d tattoo mom on her thigh because that where she has space. Lol, sis So this week’s question is.. “do you think flirting is cheating?” It was so much fun talking with you today, keep a date with me next week and don’t forget to follow us on Social media. My name is Judith and until next week, bye.

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