Unplug 23: Williams’ Weds; Strange Weddings; BBNaija Breakup Stories; Bread Levy; President Resigns

Fresh updates for you on Unplug today as we give you the gist on the good and weird happening of last weekend.

Williams Uchemba got married traditionally, while that was happening a man decided to spray onions at his friend’s wedding instead of cash, another couple in Lagos brought strippers as entertainment for their guest. Wierd and definitely brave!

Kachi and Rosie’s break up was due to an abortion, according to Kachi and Vandora breaks up with her longtime boo.

On politics, we hear that the Kogis state government deny bread tax while Peru’s interim president resigns over protests five days after taking the position. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from Peru.

Grab a popcorn because the gist is served hot. Don’t forget to like this video if you enjoyed it.

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