Ultimate Love Day 33: Family members Reachout to Love Guests

Day 33

Day 33 was emotional for the Love Guests with their family members reaching out to them during their chat room sessions. Aunty sent in a message notifying the Love Guests that they will have a chance to either send a message home, recieve a message from home or record a blog during today’s chat room sessions.

Day 33 Kiss Between Kachi And Rosie
Day 33 Kiss Between Kachi and Rosie

A lot of things happened during the session that was done in a reversed alphabetic order.

Order of Entering The Chat Room

Theresa, Slyvia, Rosie,Presh, Obichukwu, Nkechi, Louis, Kachi, Jerry, Jay, Iyke, Ebiteinye, Chris, Chris Ville, Chiddy Bankz, Bolanle, Bolar and Arnold.


The effects of what happened in the chat room started getting revealed when Rosie, who was the third person to go in, came out and place a deep kiss on the lips of Kachi, her partner again, signaling how much her heart has melted towards her newly found love.

The beauty who was filled with emotions broke down in tears and kissed her man severally. Kachi, as a smart man, also placed a reciprocatory kiss on her lips to the admiration of other love Guests.


As for Nkechi, she left the chat room teary after her session and fell on Jay, her man laying on him for several minutes. She was the sixth person to go into the chat room for this week, and her facial expression afterward has kept the whole house wondering

Nkechi, please tell us what happened in the chat room. Did you receive a not so good message from home? Did your family say you should not marry Jay?

Please, it will be helpful to let us know what made you cry out of the chat room. We will be following you around and see if you will tell Jay what happened in there. The akproko will be worth it.

Iyke and Theresa

Still on the chat room reactions for day 33 of the Ultimate Love Show, Iyke’s mum sent Theresa her son’s partner a pet name. During Iyke’s chat room session today, he chose to receive messages from home, and he got a one from him, mother, here she told him that he and Theresa should give themselves pet names.

Day 33 Iyke And Theresa
Day 33 Iyke and Theresa

She however, crowned it all by telling him that she has already given Theresa “Agbani” as a pet name. This message was not only encouragement from Iyke’s mum about their relationship but a soothing balm for Theresa.

That has given Theresa the picture of what to look forward to when she leaves the Love Pad. The first thing Iyke told her when he got out of the Love Pad was, “Everybody at home already loves you.”

Theresa, go, girl. Go and think of a pet name for your guy. That is the first assignment from your mother-in-law to be


Obichukwu left the chat room with a worrying mind and stressed face over the current state of his mother back at home. He became worried after he watched the message recorded and sent to him during his chat room session.

The worried mummy’s boy could not hide his concerns from his partner Ebiteinye. He told her he was concerned about the way she was looking and her countenance in the video sent to him.

Ebiteinye, in her bid to reassure her man that his mother is doing fine, pointed out that the message was short, and that may be the reason she rushed the word.

Obichukwu, do not be worried, your mother is doing fine. She is watching as you shop for a wife.


One of Ebiteiye’s friends named Mercy has sent a message to her, giving Obickukwu thumbs up for the way he is treating her friend. Ebiteinye, who came out of the chat room smiling and saying ” Choco am sorry,” later told her man the content of the message she got from her friend Mercy.

It was evident that she did not send any message home but decided to get a message from home. While telling Obichukwu what her friend said in her message, she said:” She asked me to stop crying and show my strength instead of showing my weaknesses.”

She was however, reluctant about telling Obichukwu what her friend said so that he will not feel too important was able to later let the cat out of the bag. ” she said I should accept when you say you are sorry, that you mean it. She said Choco love you and you are doing a good job.”

Now that someone else has told you what you can’t see, I hope you will think again. The viewers of this show should say a huge thank you to Mercy on behalf of Obichukwu.


Just like Nkechi, who cried out of the chat room, Chris also cried out. The day looked like a crying day for the Love Guests, and emotions filled the who Love Pad. She cried uncontrollably and went straight to bed all covered up. When the likes of Rosie, Jay, and her man Chris Ville came asking, she said she got an emotional message from her sister and gave her an emotional rush.

Wow, the ever strong Chris cried today. They say the rich also cry; in her case, it would be correct to say the strong too cry.

Chris Ville

Chris Ville, the ever happy, jovial, and active Love Guests, did not do anything strange from what he has always shown his fans. He came out, screaming, laughing, and happy.

He intimated his fellow housemates that he got a beautiful message from his friends who came together to record something beautiful for him in the Love Pad.

Birds of the same feather they say flock together, we are not surprised your friends did that, they must have missed you.

Chiddy Bankz

For Chiddy Bankz, he raised an alarm that none of his friends and family members have reached out to him since he got into the Love Pad.

According to him, he has not received and a message from home since he got on the Ultimate Love Show. While other Love Guests were preparing to go into the chat room for their weekly session and were happy about the messages that would be sent to them from their loved one, he stressed that he had been forgotten in the Love Pad by everyone.

Chiddy Bankz, this is not being judgemental, but what is happening to you now is saying something about who you were before coming into the house.

How can everyone you know forget about you and not send you a message for this long? Not even anyone in your family has every said hi. Chiddy Bankz, however, called on one of his friends named Ezenmo to send him a message, at least.

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