Ultimate Love: Kachi May Be Father Of 2


Kachi is one of the famous Love Guests on Ultimate Love Reality Show and has shown that he is manly enough to leave the show with a spouse.

Kachi And Rosie
Kachi and Rosie

The man Kachi is Rosie’s partner, a 32years old Imo State-born Web Developer who came on the reality show to hook up.

Out of the Eleven men who came on the show, he is part of the eight left and is still in the wife searching and fact-finding mission.

Kachi has been able to test the waters in the Love Pad, considering how he was able to mingle with Rosie and Nkechi so far in the house but seems to have settled at Rosie’s bus stop.

On getting to the Love Pad, the Love Guests embarked on several speed dates, during which they began to have attachments with each other.

Kachi’s first attachment was Rosie, but the coast was not clear for him, with her eyes fixed on David, the dark-complexioned, slim, and tall guy.

In whats seem like a melodrama, Rosie got dumped at the nick of time after receiving the famous Love Pad kiss from David.

Destiny was able to return Kachi and Rosie to themselves after they both tested the waters with different partners.

The long journey in search of love for these two birds have gathered much attention from viewers of the show, yet issues surfaced, and many were dazed.

At the official beginning of life for Kachi and Rosie, they got themselves a couple name, Roksie, and the journey began.

Opening up to Kachi was a difficult task for Rosie, who had just suffered what she tagged betrayal of trust and love. But Kachi’s determination to ensure coming on the show was not a mere waste of time worked for them.

Secrets in The Open

In case you want to check if Kachi is truly man enough, try these. When Rosie started taking Kachi through her past, a lot came to fore, and the rating began.

Rosie told her newfound love that she has a three-year-old son. For an African man, that might be a bitter pill to swallow, but to Kachi, it was just like chewing a piece of peanut.

He told Rosie that was not a problem for the survival of their love. Kachi’s reaction was a massive relief for Roksie’s fans and an assurance of love for Rosie.

Onlookers thought the storm was over until Aunty had a session with them, and she asked if there was any secret that could break their love if later found out.

Kachi And Aunty
Kachi and Aunty

Rosie’s response again brought worries to the mind of the viewers. She opened up that she has an older son who is about 13 years but does not know where he is because she was taken away from her.

That makes the count of Rosie’s child out of wedlock become two. For anyone who witnessed this scene, Kachi’s facial expression was the next to look out for immediately.

His reactions to Rosie even after that session with Aunty is a clear indication that even that revelation was not enough reason to make him turn around from the love trip.

The lover boy has continued to show that his love was not featherweight and was ready to stand despite all.

If Kachi has agreed to continue loving Rosie to marry her, that means he has decided to take her children as his.

Since Rosie herself does not know where her first son is, that means the younger son can be said to be the only son he should expect from her for now.

If someday, Rosie’s second son comes back to her, and Kachi is still with her, either as a boyfriend or husband, then he would be the father of two sons.

Whatever your spouse owns is yours; therefore, it will not be out of place to say Kachi might have two sons, or at least a son already.

Rosie recently confessed to being in love with Kachi, who she described as the man God created for her while Kachi has shown in his actions and reactions that he is in love with Rosie.

The best thing to wish these two love birds is good luck.

Roksie, the world is looking for forward to seeing the seeds of your relationship; a wedding ceremony invite will just be okay.

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