Ultimate Love Day 28: Love Guests Nomination

As the show gets more intense, the Ultimate Love Guests Nomination time in the Love Pad is becoming more strained, so it comes as no surprise when silence and fear choked the Love Guests during Nominations.

But as it is a game, couples must get nominated and evicted. This week’s own had housemates questioning if the allegiance they had with their fellow housemates was strong as they thought.

Love Guests Nomination

  1. Obiebi Nominated Bolar and DoubleChris
  2. Iykeresa Nominated Bolar and Roksie
  3. PreshDavid Nominated Bolar and Roksie
  4. DoubleChris Nominated Jelo and Bolar
  5. Chivia Nominated Bolar and Roksie
  6. JayKech Nominated Chivia and Bolar
  7. Jelo Nominated JayKech and Roksie
  8. Bolar Nominated Chivia and PreshDavid
  9. Roksie Nominated PreshDavid and Jelo
Love Guests Nomination
Love Guests Nomination

Couples Up for Eviction are:-

  1. Bolar
  2. Chivia
  3. Jelo
  4. PreshDavid
  5. Roksie

Aunty can save a couple, so she put a challenge between Jelo and PreshDavid, and whoever emerges victorious will be saved from eviction.

Lines open to voting this Tuesday at 8 PM. Stay tuned for more details on voting.

Ultimate Love airs 24/7 from Sunday, 9 February at 19:30 WAT / 20:30 CAT. Make sure you’re watching DStv Ch198 and GOtv Ch29 play your part in shaping Naija’s most epic love story yet.

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