Ultimate Love: 3 Love Guests With Power To Read Future

Ultimate Love Reality TV show might be rounding off, but it will be a sin not to mention these three Love Guests who have shown their power and ability to read and correctly predict the future in the Love Pad.

Since the inception of the Ultimate Love show, these three Love Guests have not hidden their power to foresee the future in the way events turned out. They were also able to ward off time-wasters, no matter how much tempted there were to stay with them.

Future Reading Love Guests

Among the 24 Love Guests that featured in the maiden edition of the Ultimate Love, there are three who stood out and were able to wiled there power even on before the camera. Here are the Love Guests that fall in this category.

  1. Chris
  2. Rosie
  3. Sylvia


This Abia State-born Architect called Chris is the first to see the future and send away time-wasters even when it looks as if she had no choice and was almost left out of the scheme of things in the Love Pad.

Chris And Uche On Ultimate Love
Chris and Uche On Ultimate Love

She started her journey in the Love Pad on a very sad and tears dropping note because life seems to be so unfair to her in making a choice of a partner. At the time partners were being picked on the show, she was left with no other choice but to pick, Uche, the Anambra State Development Economist.

The time-waster power warding off in Chris did not allow Uche to stick to her, so he instead chose to leave the show because the spirit kept tormenting him. Chris’s ability to see the future, so bright with Chris Ville in it, was at work, so she did not bother encouraging Uche to stay.

She could already see Chris Ville somewhere in the future, so she stood steadfast and was not so worried, even when the whole universe was perturbed. The future she saw was so real that today she is living in it. The once lonely Chris now has Chris Ville, and you can’t say the nearest future is not bright for them. Never say Never!


Rosie, the lady, referred to by many as one of the prettiest in the Love Pad, also had a glimpse of the persons that would be on the Ultimate Love Show in its last days, and Kachi happens to be part of them.

Rosie And David On Ultimate Love
Rosie and David on Ultimate Love

Sometimes you can see the future but do not know how to get there. Another time, you have some magical powers but are not aware it is taking you through a problematic terrain for your good.

When Rosie got on Ultimate Love, her love charm attracted David, but she was not aware that her magical powers were more potent than her love charm. Her spiritual ability to see the future, though unknown to her at that point, turned David to a heart breaker because he just needed to leave her for Kachi to come on board.

If Rosie was still with Kachi, by now, she might be home. If it does not happen that way, she might be dump the day David sets his eyes on Presh Talker or another black complexioned lady.

All of those might belong to the history book forever because she is now with Kachi, the man she said God created purposely for her. The most important thing for them now is that they have made it to the finale, and David, her first love on the show, is out.


Sylvia’s story is identical to that of Rosie. If you can remember that she started her love finding adventure with Jerry, the Actor, Model, and Designer. She showed that her love for him was healthy and intact, but it was not mutual.

Sylvia And Jerry On Ultimate Love
Sylvia and Jerry On Ultimate Love

She tried to make it work, but it would not just work because her future was steering at her. Her future reading powers tried to communicate with her that there is a Chiddy Bankz somewhere who will soon show up, but she could not just see it.

Since the power was more potent than her will to stay with Jerry if fast-forwarded to allow Chiddy Bankz to show up when he came on board, the story changed, and here we are. If the future had not come, she would have been a partner to Jerry when he was evicted.

But she is still on the show with Chiddy Bankz, with a chance of being the Ultimate Couple.

What powers do you have? Are you walking through a hard and difficult terrain, wai for it! 

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