Coronavirus in Nigeria: UK to Evacuate Citizens from Nigeria

The UK to evacuate citizens from Nigeria. This was announced by the British Mission in Nigeria. The evacuation flights will begin on Saturday 18th April 2020 from Lagos and Abuja. There will also be an additional flight from Lagos on Monday, April 20. However, the passengers will be required to pay for their flight tickets themselves.

It said, “Our first flights are expected to leave both Lagos and Abuja on Saturday 18 April with a further flight from Lagos on 20 April.

“You will not be able to pick your departure date – the online booking process will generate it automatically. More flights will follow, depending on demand.

Coronavirus in Nigeria: The UK to Evacuate Citizens from Nigeria

“Anyone flying back to the UK on an HMG chartered flight will need to pay for their own ticket. To be eligible for a flight your primary residence has to be in the UK.

“We will prioritise helping the most vulnerable return, so those who have an underlying medical condition placing them at greater risk of serious illness if they contact COVID-19.

“We are coordinating with the Federal and State government to help ensure that those of you who are outside of Abuja and Lagos can get to the airports despite the lockdown.”

Coronavirus in Nigeria: the UK to Evacuate Citizens from Nigeria

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