UK Aviation Company, Flairjet in Quarantine – Minister

The Nigerian Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika has confirmed that the United Kingdom company who had their aircraft impounded for conducting commercial flights illegally are under quarantine and are being investigated by the country.

He also clarified the name of the company, as he had said on Sunday that the company was Flair Aviation. He said the actual name of the company is Flairjet, a registered aviation company in the UK.

He described the company’s flight saying, “They have an aircraft, Legacy 600, and the registration number of the aircraft is GPRFX. Their business address is Business Aviation Centre, Terminal Road, Birmingham International Airport, West Midlands and their code is B26QN.”

Aviation Company Flairjet

The minister also said that the company had applied repeatedly to be given permission to conduct humanitarian flights and they were eventually granted permission. They, however went against the clearly stated description of what those flights are and were conducting regular commercial flights in and out of the country

“In the first place, the whole essence of a lockdown is to ensure there is no movement of persons freely because this COVID-19 we are all spending sleepless nights for happened because somebody travelled abroad. So, we believe this shouldn’t happen.”

the crew is presently being quarantined for 14 days while the investigations on the flights are carried out and the minister assured that the company, Flairjet will face the full extent of the law.

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