Uche Ogbodo Advises Unmarried Women Over 30

Nollywood actress and mother of one, Uche Ogbodo advises unmarried women who are over the age of 30 on how to go about having a family.

The controversial actress gave this bit of advice in a lengthy video while speaking about her motherhood experiences. She spoke about getting pregnant for her first child at the age of 27 and currently being pregnant for the second at age 34.

Uche Ogbodo Advises Unmarried Women

Uche mentioned in the video that she has no regrets about having her kids while being without a husband and advised that 30+ women should not get an abortion because they hope to get married. Instead, they should deliver and raise their kids wholeheartedly, with or without a husband.

She said,

“So who marriage help? If with marriage and the almighty man that you’re marrying, you’re looking terrible, without marriage, who knows how you go look?

“Please, stop killing your children, especially when you’re of age. Have your kids. If marriage comes, marry oh, if marriage no come, raise your children now.”

The actress also said that she is personally against abortions because it is against her catholic faith.


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