Uche Odoputa Reveals Time his Father’s Been in Captivity

Popular Nollywood Actor, Uche Odoputa, revealed the time his father has been in captivity, stressing that the Kidnappers has kept him for more than two weeks.

He cried out over the abduction of his dear father, Mr. Kenneth Odoputa, adding that the gunmen who picked his father up have left him in their den for almost a month now and called on friends, families and colleagues to pray for his father’s safe return.

The Nigerian movie celebrity made a post on his Instagram page with some emotional emojis to express the way he’s feeling and how sadness has clouded his everyday life.

Uche Odoputa’s Exact Post on Instagram:

“Friends please join me in praying for MyDad safe return from the hands of kidnappers that took him for over 2 weeks now. Mr Kenneth Odoputa.”

Although, his post didn’t contain any detail on where his father was abducted of whether contact had been established to ascertain if they had demanded for ransom or not.

It would be noted that such a development comes amid concerns over insecurity and the rising rate of abductions — particularly on highways — in the country.

Several of his celebrity colleagues have taken to their social media handles to also lament over the sad event and have joined voices to call for the safe return of Uche Odoputa’s father, as well as speak on the heightened insecurity level in Nigeria.

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