Ubi Franklin’s Babymama Accuses Him of Stealing

After days of going back and forth, Sandra Iheuwa, Ubi Franklin’s Babymama accuses him of stealing from her even when they went their separate ways.

this drama started after Sandra went back and forth with Ubi’s supposed new girlfriend, Renee. The two ladies dragged themselves on the internet for cases linking to the man the have in common, Ubi Franklin.

Ubi Franklin’s Babymama Accuses Him of Stealing Her Money

Owing to the situation, Ubi decided to butt into their squabble and while speaking he mentioned that he was a good father to all his kids. These claims for Ubi triggered Sandra who then made a reaction video exposing Franklin’s misbehaviour. She brought receipts of when Ubi tried to drag her and her three kids (including his daughter, Ariella) using an Instagram blogger but thankfully, the blogger decided to run the stories by her first.

She said that after she confronted him with the blogger’s story, he admitted and apologized.

On the topic of taking care of his kids, she alleged that the she sponsored Ubi’s vacation to Dubai during Christmas but had no issues with it till he cloned her credit card and went on a shopping spree even after she already spent almost 50,000 dollars on him. See some screenshots from her video

Ubi Franklin'S Babymama Accuses Him Of Stealing 1

Ubi Franklin is yet to respond to these allegations.

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