U.S Government To Ban WeChat, TikTok On Sunday

In what was described as an attempt to guarantee the national security of America and its citizens from the threat of the Chinese Communist Party, the U.S government said it will ban two social media apps from the country’s app stores.

According to a statement issued by U.S Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, the two social media apps to be banned on Sunday, September 20 are WeChat and TikTok.

Ross said the actions are proof that President Donald Trump will do everything in his power to protect Americans. The apps are currently used by over 100 million people in the U.S.

It was gathered that the restrictions will ban the transferring of funds or processing of payments through WeChat within the United States as from Sunday.

Also, the restrictions will prevent any company from offering Internet hosting, content delivery networks, Internet transit or peering services to WeChat or using the app’s code in other software or services in the United States.

The same prohibition on services goes into effect on November 12 for TikTok. You will recall that Trump had on August 6 threatened to ban the Tiktok app, saying it collects the data of millions of Americans, which could end up in the hands of the Chinese Government.

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