U-Rock Magazine Celebrates Roskie 2020 Ultimate Love Winners

Roksie (Rosie and Kachi) the winner of the Ultimate Love 2020 reality show organized by Multi choice DSTV Nigeria have been featured in the U-Rock magazine May editon.

The Magazine is great, it’s a magazine for all seasons, it helps affirm competence and it encourages hard work. It contains fantastic accomplishments of outstanding and mind-blowing success stories, and is celebrated in a peculiar way.

Rosie and Kachi Roskie Featured on U-Rock Magazine


U-rock Magazine believe this is a great way of instilling hard work and success in the next generation of children especially the black children.

Roksie and U-Rock collaboration.
May edition of U-Rock magazine taking us to the world.
Big dreams create big moves and big moves give birth to big results.
Get a copy, it is loaded…???

U-Rock Magazine Roskie

The couple is currently making preparations for their wedding ceremony which maybe a bit delayed beyond the 3 months deadline given to them by Aunty to come up with a wedding date. Hopefully, a date will be announced soon.

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