Twitter User Alerts Fans Over Tega’s Disappearance

An alarm has been raised by a Twitter user, Cracycln on Tega’s disappearance after complaining about online bullying and deactivating her social media account.

Recall that Tega tweeted that she complained about being done with negativity, online bullying, and being judged. Tega also added that she was mentally exhausted, and shortly after, she deactivated her account.

Taking to Twitter, a friend to the BBNaija reality star has complained about not knowing the whereabouts of Tega. She said, Tega deactivated from social media and from everyone around her. We can’t even reach her, and I hope she is safe. 2000 comments and 1900 are people threatening and abusing her.

She also added that the mother of one messed up in the house, but people still drag her to date. Stating that the housemates need their social media account to make money, but they have taken that away from Tega.

She said, “Mental health isn’t considered when Tega is involved. Are you the husband? I hope she gets the strength to move on and ignore these trolls.

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