Tunde Ednut Gets Another Ban

Popular Blogger, Tunde Ednut has received his third ban from Instagram in less than three months.

It has been a case of on and off for the controversial blogger who was only restored back to the video and picture sharing app on for the second time a few weeks ago.

It had been reported on December 22, 2020, his account (@tundeednut), which had nearly 2.6 million followers, was suspended ‘indefinitely’ over claims that it violated the app’s terms and condition.

He regained his account on January 10 with a new account @kingtundeednut and in less than 3 days, he had over 1 million followers.

The account was deactivated yet again on the back of claims he had put out a series of posts, which allegedly bordered on degrading and body-shaming women, cyberbullying fellow celebrities and engaging in spamming activities that went against Instagram’s policies.

The account was again restored two days after his birthday which got his fans and followers to celebrate him. Read More

Tunde Ednut Instagram Page
Tunde Ednut Instagram page

A search on his page now shows the message “user not found”. However, multiple cloned and backup pages appear.

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