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Pidgin News (185): Tunde Ednut Enter One Chance

Tunde Ednut

Mazi: I too like the way Baba God dey do him things o, as him sabi say i no fit help dem join that Stingy men Association, naso e say make dem start another one wey i go fit join

Egbon: Laugh, abeg, no allow me open teeth too much jare, you dey talk like say you fit take your money play with anybody

Mazi: The thing wey i no naa say i no stingy, the only thing be say i no dey do pass myself

Egbon: Atigbo, i don hear you, naa wetin be the name of the new Association wey you dey plan to join?

Mazi: Dem call am Cheerful Givers Association and i even hear say naa Dbanj be the Presido

Egbon: Abeg abeg, i no fit laugh o, so, as e be like this you self bin dey think say you be Cheerful Giver, you wey no fit give me facemask free of charge

Mazi: You don dey mix am o, Business dey one side, good mind dey another side, i no fit take my Business joke sake of say i wan make anybody like me o

Egbon: At least naa friend we call ourselves now, you suppose fit give me free face mask

Mazi: Make i con carry your photo go the place where i suppose buy another face mask, con tell dem say you be my friend, make dem no fit collect money for my hand bah?

Egbon: No be so I talk am o, I just dey try tell you say, e suppose show for your action say you be Cheerful giver

Mazi: My brother, you no say I see Lavish Boys Association before I decide say nah this Cheerful Givers own I wan join, that one naa to show you say I no day spend anyhow but I fit help if I dey the position to help

Egbon: I don hear you, no wahala, me self go find the Association way I go join soon

Tunde Ednut Enter One Chance

Mazi: You fit join Yoruba Demons Association abi wetting den dey call that one wey dey popular that time

Egbon: Naa Angel I be I no be demon, I even hear say Instagram don delete Tunde Ednut handle again o

Mazi: I hear am that time, but I con later hear say him don come back with another name wey him call King Tunde Ednut

Egbon: My brother, dem don collect the crown commot for him head o, even ordinary cap now, him no get

Pidgin News (185): Tunde Ednut Enter One Chance
Popular Blogger, Tunde Ednut.

Mazi: No wonder why this musician, Erigga talk say Problem no dey finish

Egbon: Exactly my brother, this time around naa Tunde Ednut problem no dey finish o, naa as him dey common one, him dey enter another one

Mazi: And I even hear say him dey see money well onto that Instagram something o

Egbon: Before nko, shey person wey no dey see money go dash one follower 1 million

Mazi: Ehn ehn, shey me self no go open account ontop Instagram con dey post funny funny something ontop like this

Egbon: You bin dey think say naso e dey easy make people con know you like that ontop the place

Mazi: I no even get that kind time, naa joke I dey, I go kukuma face my Business, do am well and if Baba God bless that one, I go make plenty money

Bishop Kukah Versus Muslim Group

Egbon: E make sense like that o, to dey do copy copy no be the way o, person suppose think well to know the way web him own

Mazi: Copy cat no pay, shey you don see the News wey talk say one Muslim group don give Bishop Kukah 2 options

Egbon: Ahhhh, I never see the News o, naa wetin be the option?

Mazi: The group say make him tender apology to beg Muslim people or make him pack common for Sokoto State (read more here)

Egbon: You see, and later now, dem go dey talk say naa one Nigeria we be, shey as him be Nigerian, him no get right to talk the thing wey dey him mind again

Mazi: My own naa say make these talk like this no go turn another something as DSS don warn say some people bin dey plan to cause fight between Muslim and Christian

Egbon: E no go cause fight, naa everybody get right to talk wetin dey their mind as long as say no be the kind talk wey dey ask people to go dey fight another person abi fight the government

Mazi: Ok o, make I con dey carry my Bicycle go o

Egbon: Oyaaa now, later

Tunde Ednut

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