COVID-19: Trump Task Governors On Road Construction

President of the united state of America, Donald Trump has tasked governors in the country to work on kick-starting construction of roads and highway.

He noted that the governors must look into such project ahead of heavy traffic which, according to him, would start soon.

Trump who gave the charge in a tweet via his verified Twitter handle, noted that some governors have never stopped working on road construction despite the pandemic.

Trump Task Governors On Road Construction

Trump Task Governors On Road Construction
Donald Trump

In the tweet, Trump described such governors as smart for building roads while the traffic was at its minimal.

The tweet reads “Governors should let roads and highway construction begin before heavy traffic starts, which will be soon. Some Governors never stopped, which proved to be very smart. They built and fixed roads during long no traffic periods. Also, saved big dollars.”

In another tweet, Trump expressed delight over what he described as the gradual improvement of oil prices and the demand for the product as he also added that the U.S is starting to open up again.

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