True State of DMX As RIP Trends

While RIP has continued to trend for American legend rapper DMX, his health’s actual state has been revealed.

One of his close friends Luenell, had earlier taken to Instagram to break the news of the singer’s passing with a broken heart.

She, however, took back her words after deleting her first post and replacing it with a fresh one, giving a little hint about his state of health.

Meanwhile, a source close to DMX has hinted that the rapper is still alive but critical.

According to the source, he is kept alive via a life support machine and has also suffered organ failure.

This update is coming while several social media users have continued to pay homage and last respect to him, with rumours that he is already dead.

DMX was a rapper known for a rough life and involvement in alcoholism and other hard life traits but later made a u-turn after giving his life to Christ and started preaching His gospel.

As of the time of filing this report, there is no official statement from his family confirming DMX’s death.

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