Trendy Bride Amazes Guests with Owambe Innovation

An innovative bride amazes guests at her wedding after she provides alternative means of cash gifting for her and the groom.

Digital Bride Amazes Guests as Owambe Evolves

The bride showed her guests how digitally advanced she was after she provided them with a QR code to make transfers into her account instead of spraying the cash on her and the groom.

Trendy Bride Amazes Guests With Owambe Innovation 1
Digital Bride Amazes Guests as Owambe Evolves

Normally at weddings, the guests will get up and join the couple on the dance floor to spray them cash Most times, brides would feel uncomfortable with having dirty currency notes being put on them or would have issues with the pickers who were in charge of money who may embezzle some of the funds.

To avoid stories, this trendy bride decided to go digital. Although it was new to the guests, they complied with her as the video showed the guests getting out their phones to scan the code for a transfer. What a trendsetter!

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