Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (213): Traditional Ruler Wey Dey Kidnap

Egbon: Hmmm, Mazi, i no too understand the thing wey dey happen to traditional rulers in this country again o

Mazi: Why you talk so, dem don kidnap another traditional ruler?

Egbon: This time around, no be say dem kidnap traditional ruler o, na traditional ruler dey work with people wey dey kidnap

Mazi: Ah, how that wan take possible, traditional ruler na like father for other people now

Egbon: Tor, na why i first talk say i no understand wetin dey happen again o, con take your eyes check the thing wey i see

Mazi: Shuuu, na Abuja the thing take happen self, na wa o

Egbon: You self talk say na wa, i read am for inside the Newspaper say the FCT Minister don talk say make Chief of Anagada, Malam Alhassan Musa commot for him position

Traditional Ruler Wey Dey Kidnap

Mazi: Kai, how traditional ruler go dey Collabo with kidnappers when everybody dey pray say make kidnapping stop

Egbon: Na as the thing dey shock you, e dey dey shock me too, some people get bad belle, na greed fit make traditional ruler dey do this kind thing

Mazi: Gbam, na why i dey always talk am say government alone no fit tackle the problem wey dey face Naija be this o

Traditional Ruler Wey Dey Kidnap

Ooni Of Ife Launches Adire Textile Factory

Egbon: No be lie, but, na greed dey worry this wan wey dem say make he commot position, if government wan do am self, dem suppose arrest am

Mazi: Yes o, make dem show him face, make him own fit teach other people wey dey do that kind thing lesson

Egbon: You talk am well my brother, na why i dey always talk say government too dey talk be this, small time now, we no go hear anything ontop the matter again

Mazi: Hmm, but i see one tory wey talk say Ooni of Ife open factory where youths go fit work

Egbon: You see, na wetin traditional ruler suppose dey do be that, i see the news too wey talk say him open Adire Textile factory

Niger Delta Militants Threatens FG

Mazi: If we see person wey dey do better, we suppose clap for him, this Ooni do well no be small

Egbon: Yes o, i too like that man, him dey try do something wey go fit help youths, come see this tory o

Mazi: Ah, no be Niger Delta Militants people be this?

Egbon: My brother na dem o, dem don dey shakara federal government again, dem talk say, the government no do normal

Mazi: This wan na serious something o, different different thing just dey happen, na so i read am for inside Newspaper say Miyetti Allah talk say make government allow everybody carry gun

Egbon: Why dem no go talk so when some Northern governors don talk am before

Mazi: Kai, if everybody con dey carry gun join body for Naija, how that wan take solve the problem

Egbon: No be the other day Minister of defence talk say make everybody dey defend themselves, why Miyetti Allah no go talk same thing

Lady Who Tattoes Bobrisky Cries Out

Mazi: This country security matter need prayer like this o

Egbon: No be prayer, na government suppose do something, make dem no allow religion or tribe to come inside the fight against insecurity

Mazi: Hmmm, i still believe say prayer fit change plenty thing, con see this lady wey draw Bobrisky picture for her body

Egbon: Laugh, this thing dey spread small small, but wait o, why she dey cry?

Mazi: She talk say her father don disown her sake of the tattoe wey she draw for body, even ontop say Bobrisky no give am anything

Egbon: Hiss, her father never disown her, the father suppose teach her lesson 

American Man Eats Neighbour’s Heart

Mazi: E wooo, some people wicked for this life o, see wetin dem talk say this man do (cut in..

Egbon: Wetin him do

Mazi: Dem say the man na America citizen o, say him kill him Neigbour, commot the heart, cook am, take potato chop am

Egbon: Chop another person heart?

Mazi: Yes now, see the man face

Egbon: Na wa o, why all these things dey happen self, make i con dey go jare

Mazi: Me self wa dey move, we go talk later


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