Toyin Abraham’s Ex-Husband Makes Post Against Women

Adeniyi Johnson, Toyin Abraham’s ex-husband makes a post against women. Adeniyi Johnson is known for constantly taking his position as the least desirable man in the country with his incessant mix in controversial issues. Stemming from his ugly breakup from the accomplished actress, Toyin Abraham, Adeniyi Johnson never gives up any chance to benefit from her huge fan base, even if it means bad publicity.

In this season of coronavirus, he has, although not surprisingly, taken to his Instagram page to tell women to go fix their homes. According to him, the women should use this lockdown period to cook and cater to their husbands. He says they should come off their high horse and tend to their husbands now that they are at home to avoid suffering when the lockdown is over.

Toyin Abraham'S Ex-Husband Makes Post Against Women
Toyin Abraham's Ex-Husband Makes Post Against Women 3

Toyin Abraham’s Ex-Husband Makes Post Against Women

From this end, apparently marriage which is usually gotten into by two adults have now become the responsibility of a single woman to sustain and mend. Well, not much is expected from a man with issues maintaining women who have purpose. In a single post, Toyin Abraham’s ex-husband had reduced men to babies who need to be fed, cleaned up and burped.

Excusing men for making poor choices when it comes to keeping their homes and asking the women to cook for them and give them good s** to keep their eyes at home is just a way of not taking responsibility.

I hope that more women find their purpose beyond home-keeping (if they desire so) and learn to give the husband position to only deserving members of the male folks.

Toyin Abraham’s Ex-Husband Makes Post Against Women

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