Tope Alabi’s Holy Zanku Dance

Many are still wondering if there is anything like Holy Zanku dance as the social media space was literarily on fire few days ago when popular Gospel singer, Lady Evangelist Tope Alabi was caught on camera showing her dance skills.

Many have described the dance steps as worldly and contrary to what she preaches through her songs. Still, the singer said there was nothing unholy about her dance steps.

Tope Alabi'S Holy Zanku Dance 1
Tope Alabi

Some condemned her mode of dressing and dance steps, which was more like the popular dance step, ‘’Zanku Dance’’ known to be popular among hip hop singers and lovers in Nigeria and many countries around the world.

Holy Zanku Dance

Like a wildfire, the video went viral as many people posted it on their social media handles to express their views on what could be described as strange to Christendom and morality.

At this point, the singer has a very bold question mark behind her level of spirituality and how she has been a role model to so many people in the Christian circle and other areas.

Tope Alabi Explain Reasons Behind Her Dance Steps

In the meantime, the singer has defended herself following the widespread criticisms that has been thrown her way over a viral video of her dancing Zanku.

The music star said this after she was asked about the criticisms during an interview on a Tv show.

According to her, it was at her father’s burial, and she needed to worship God in her way.

She said, “I needed that dance. It was at my father’s burial, and the praise was organized by some gospel artists just to worship God,” 

I needed to worship God, I just need to. It’s not easy to bury your father. Some people die before their parents. As a spiritual person, you know you need that dance.”

Furthermore, the singer’s husband, Soji Alabi, has defended his wife, insisting that she has done nothing wrong, in respect of a short video currently in circulation showing her dancing zanku and soapy. 

Tope Alabi'S Holy Zanku Dance 2
Tope and Soji Alabi

Talking about how people reacted to the viral video, some claimed that there was nothing wrong with what she did. 

In contrast, others believed that she did not portray Gospel singers in good faith given her status among other Nigerian Gospel singers.

Spirituality And Holy Zanku Dance

In the Christendom, there is a biblical belief that the light should have nothing to do with darkness, in this context, can we say Tope Alabi, the preacher of the word was worldly or just human.

Tope Alabi'S Holy Zanku Dance 3
Holy Zanku Dance

Many questions are yet to be answered, but many others believe that no man has the right to judge another man, but is it a judgment to point at what seems odd about a gospel singer of Tope’s caliber?

Perhaps, the dance steps were holy Zanku Dance at that moment.

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