Toke Makinwa Drops Savage Comeback For Follower

Nigerian OAP Toke Makinwa drops savage comeback after a follower decided to trivialize her achievements.

The media personality had tweeted that she was so grateful for what God had done for her over the years because she has had several downtimes.

In a bid to encourage her followers, she mentioned that some of the most successful things in her life were resultant from low and messy points. She said that she would have never seen how good God has been to her in her wildest imagination.

Toke Makinwa Drops Savage Comeback For Troll

However, some internet users failed to see the truth in her motivational tweets. One of them being a man with the handle @MrRain. He rubbished Toke’s claim saying,

‘After you people broke rules to be successful you come around like saints to the world and use God has cover up. Everybody for this 9ja na scam na Buhari own just they show mk everybody getout’

Toke did not let this comment slide by as she responded with a subtly savage tweet through her handle @Tokstarr that read,

Toke Makinwa Drops Savage Comeback For Follower 1
Toke Makinwa Drops Savage Comeback

“Break your own rules, get to the top and use whoever you want as cover-up, stop being a spectator, let us also talk about you.”

This is not out of place for the controversial OAP, who has a reputation of dishing out the savagery when needed.


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