Titans Gather for Tacha to Punish Troll

Tacha’s fans, the Titans who are largely known to not only support but also dedicatedly protect their favourite have done it again.

The fans recently spotted a Twitter user they perceive shaded Tacha and they did not spare him.

The Twitter user, @nigerian_ac started his journey into the black book of the Titans when he retweeted Tacha’s tweet with a salvage comment.

He asked the Queen of the Titans to go rest, suggesting that she needs oxygen, because she advised ladies to love themselves.

Tacha wrote, ” SELF LOVE is the greatest MIDDLE FINGER of all time! Definitely not an attack on Quavo but Ladies self love yourselves.”

Then @nigerian_ac retweeted saying, “Tacha rest well, you need oxygen.”

After this was done, Titans gathered on the troll and found out that he was following one of the strong followers of Tacha.

The fans did not waste time to announce that he has blocked the troll as a form of punishment for coming for their queen.

The queen seems to have a protective army after all !

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