Timi Dakolo Runs to Safety After Hot Lion Chase

Talented vocalist, Timi Dakolo runs to safety after touching the lion’s tail, which is not in a figurative way.

In a viral video, Timi was spotted in what looked like a zoo with some acquaintances. While most were not sure why he was with the lion in the first place, others speculated that it might have been for a video shoot.

Timi Dakolo Runs After Lion Chase

In the video, Timi Dakolo bent beside the wild cat to take some touristy pictures and as soon as the lion reacted to his touch by raising his head, he sped off.

Timi Dakolo Runs To Safety After Hot Lion Chase 1

The people around him laughed as he took off with the speed of light, which was funny to them.

In other news, the singer recently shared the cute Whatsapp message his daughters left him after he travelled. The little girls said they really missed their dada and couldn’t wait to have him back home.


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