The Unofficial Guide to Sexting

Sexting is digital dirty talking. Sending flirty, dirty messages is a great way to spice things up in your relationship and keep them fresh. Below are steps to follow for a flawless sexting experience.

Get The Timing Right

Be aware of what your partner is doing when you want to initiate. If you’re not sure what they are up to, send a simple “Hey, you busy?” text to let you know if it’s a good time.

Taking your time to send messages gives you a time buffer in which you can begin to trust your partner more. Sexting is a vulnerable position to be in, and as you draw out the sexual buildup, you can also decipher the limits of just how far you feel comfortable going with the person.

Be Comfortable

Even though you’re going out of your way to tell your partner how hot you’re feeling, stay in your lane. Start with something that makes you just a little uncomfortable, but doesn’t make you want to run and hide. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed about what you’re writing, stick to the things you’d happily say to your partner in the bedroom.

Don’t Show Your Face If You Send Any Nudes

You can send really hot photos that don’t include any identifying characteristics. Revenge porn is a thing! Don’t do it, period. Unless you’re just begging to be blackmailed.

Plan Ahead

Come up with seven sexy leading questions prior to your sexting session. Predetermined phrases help to move things along faster and help prevent awkward downtime.

Avoid Video Sexting

Sexually FaceTiming your partner gives them the power to take screenshots without you being aware of the situation. You can also incorporate the voice recording feature into your routine if you really want to talk.

Be Sober

Alcoholic sexting lubricant might not be such a great idea when you wake up in the morning. The danger of sexting drunk is that you lack complete control of yourself and aren’t present in the situation. In doing this, you risk sending something that you wouldn’t normally, which might risk your digital safety while also being completely embarrassing.

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